The Great Grocery Experiment

Analyzing a month of grocery receipts to determine how to spend less


One of our highest recurring expenses is groceries. Our average monthly spending on groceries in 2018 was $985.47 ($227.42 per week).

I have no clue how that compares to others, but seems like a lot. In an effort to better understand where our grocery money was actually going, we saved all of our receipts for a month and analyzed them. We learned a ton about where our money was going and how we could save more.

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Shaking off the tiny recurring expenses that are

Eels. Stuck onto you and leaching money from your life. They’re everywhere, especially in the age of online services.

Eels are recurring expenses, usually monthly, that are so low that you might even forget you’re paying for them (which is what those businesses want). Netflix, Spotify, Hulu, iCloud, Amazon Prime, Dropbox, etc. Services where you pay for access but don’t own anything. You’re expected to pay in perpetuity.

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