A Simple and Unique Case for Veganism

Examining why eating a plant-based diet so special and powerful


As I head into my fourth year of being vegan, my conviction surrounding it being an important part of my life grows only stronger. I’ve been ruminating on why that is, and I think I’ve found an answer.

No other way of eating is rooted in love and compassion.

It’s such a powerful aspect of eating a plant-based diet. There’s not a single diet I can think of that has such a positive impact on so many other beings. Veganism’s foundation consists of values, not just health and nutrition.

Setting aside nutrition for a bit (while of course acknowledging that not all vegan food is inherently healthy), by being vegan you would have the following real impact:

  1. Saving the lives of other animals by not eating them
  2. Improving the lives of animals who are systematically used to acquire their byproducts
  3. Reducing your negative impact on the environment due to the animal industry’s impact on climate change
  4. Setting up a better environmental situation for the generations of people that inhabit the earth after yourself

Those are four enormous areas of impact. Just by changing what you eat and wear. It’s truly incredible. No other intentional change in my life has had such an impact on others while also improving my own life.

There are plenty of reasons to be vegan. It’s been such a positive change in my life for many of those reasons. When I examine why it’s so important to me, it all comes back to love and compassion. The world could use more of both, and there’s no better place to start than with what you eat.

Author: Brett Chalupa

day: software developer, night: comic artist

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